10 Reasons To Skip EXPO This Year


The ED Publications Gentlemen’s Club EXPO is heading back to New Orleans for a second year, and we are so ready! A lot of people have a long list of excuses for why they shouldn’t go to Expo. There are a few reasons, but they’re pretty weak because Expo is absolutely the highlight of the year and you shouldn’t miss it.

So get to reading and realize that you have no “buts” left, and no butts can be left behind so get yours to EXPO!

1.It’s hot.

How could it not be hot with all of the top feature entertainers (and I’m seeing a whole lot of redheads!) in the country gathered in one location?


Really, though, it IS hot. Like over 90 degrees, and the humidity is so high you can basically swim to the bars. Luckily, they’re used to it so the air conditioning is fabulous everywhere, and at night, when nocturnal strip club employees venture outside, it cools down to an almost reasonable temperature.

2. August is a bad time to travel.

A lot of people travel in August which means that beaches are super crowded and if you aren’t in a beach-y, tourist heavy market all of the employees at your club are complaining that it’s slow. Is there a better way to break up the boring summer monotony than with a whole bunch of parties? Well, parties and seminars. But mostly parties.

3. You won’t know anyone.

You might come to Expo not knowing anyone, but that won’t last long. The people at Expo are so incredibly warm and welcoming-possibly because of the parties-and everyone wants to know about you and your club.

Of course, the most important party is the first night. The PANDA Party is going to be bigger and better and is probably even going to have snacks this year! Panda members are on their best behavior when they’re in their own habitat, so if you’re a DJ Sunday night is definitely your best bet to meet your new BFF.


If you’re part of the PANDA DJ Forum or Strip Club Industry Professionals groups on Facebook, there will also be a ton of opportunities to get to know other people who will be going to Expo leading up to the event. If you’re still concerned about going by yourself, try to get other employees from your club interested by sharing this article!

4. You don’t have anything to learn.

You would never admit this out loud, but you’re probably thinking it anyway.


Don’t be so conceited. There are so many different markets in the US, and so many different types of clubs, that no one is knowledgeable about every aspect of the industry. No, not even you. However, the more you know about what makes a club successful the more you can contribute to the success of your own club.

5. Industry people aren’t open about their knowledge.

Once upon a time, clubs could be secretive about their inner workings. Now we have the internet. The climate is shifting, and it means that everyone is dealing with millennial consumers, smart phones, and webcams. You can follow other clubs on social media and learn about all of their promos. Nothing is “secret” anymore.

So, how do you move forward in an environment where everyone knows everyone else’s business? Expo is full of some of the most knowledgeable, open people in the industry, and there is a small chance that if you pay attention you might be able to learn from them. The panelists on the seminars genuinely want what’s best for the industry, even if the industry is too stubborn to recognize it.

6. You aren’t interested in any of the seminars.

Even if the seminars don’t specifically interest you (although they should!) the opportunities for networking are unparalleled. There isn’t another event in this country that brings together the quantity and diversity of strip club industry professionals that Expo does.

Making friends is healthy (or so science says) and can provide you with couches to sleep on around the country. Just spending a few minutes walking around the on showroom floor you can run into porn stars, speak to sales reps for nearly any strip club industry related product… and avoid our booth for fear of charting.


7. You have to spend the whole time at Expo.

There is SO much to do in New Orleans that even if you choose to only spend a portion of time at the actual Expo you can still fill your days. The Expo hotel is conveniently located near the French Quarter, shopping, and bars. Lots and lots of bars.


If you played hookie the whole time you still wouldn’t run out of bars to drink at.

8. Your club is different from all of the other clubs and the normal rules don’t apply.

There is absolutely another club like yours out there, and you can learn from them. Expo has such a wide range of clubs representing-from corporate chains or big names that have sat at the top of their markets for years to brand new clubs or mom-and-pop type small clubs throughout the country. If your club actually is that special then you could just come to Expo to brag about it all week and people might even listen.


Or not.

9. The food is awful.

New Orleans has great food. Seriously. There’s a huge variety of food AND a number of price points, so you can eat great food affordably. Pulled pork Eggs Benedict exists, and it lives in New Orleans.

Version 2

Since we’re all nocturnal anyway you can grab late night beignets at Cafe Du Monde. There are a lot of restaurants within walking distance of the Expo hotel, and besides, calories don’t count on work-related trips!

10. Expo is expensive!

Can you really put a price on insulting your internet friends in real life or drinking with Dane Hansen?

Honestly, though, even a last minute badge isn’t much more than an hour in VIP at most clubs, and you get at least as much out of it.




From the stage to the booth, Kira has been in the industry for a total of 7 years, with the final 3 of those spent DJing at Double Visions in Pennsylvania. Since beginning her DJ career she has been named DJ of the Year by the local industry magazine, Unveiled, nominated for DJ of the Year by the ED Awards, and also branched out to take control of social media for her club. She has been a PANDA Board Member since early 2016.