Dane Hansen – President – Las Vegas Nevada


Dane Hansen is a founding father and current President of Panda with a successful career spanning back to 1990. He’s been nominated multiple times by Exotic Dancer Publications for Employee of the Year and DJ of the Year and is the titleholder of the ED Publications Employee of the year 2018.

Dane has put in extensive work to support the DJ community to a higher level. Since the inception of PANDA in 2012, PANDA has grown to over 1500 worldwide, creating a sense of camaraderie and friendship with the group that was previously unseen before within the industry.

Dane has been out of the DJ booth since 2016 and is currently part of the elite management team of Centerfolds Cabaret, in the industries capital, Las Vegas Nevada! He is still active in the DJ community and continues to educate, train and provide resources for our industry professionals. Dane has helped to establish the PANDA PRO division to raise the bar a step higher for our DJs.

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, stop by Centerfolds and introduce yourself or you can catch him on the weekly podcast Strip Club Radio Show with Tim Rhodes and Glenn Miller.

Dane Hansen




Dane Hansen is the current president of PANDA. He’s been nominated multiple times by Exotic Dancer for some of their most prestigious awards, Employee of the Year and DJ of the Year. Dane puts in exhaustive work to bring the dj community to a higher level year after year.