Have you listened to Strip Club Radio Recently?! Rock stars galore!




It’ll come as no surprise to anyone at all that Strip Club Radio has been killing it in recent weeks! Hosted by Tim Rhodes, Dane Hansen and Glenn Miller, all nominees for DJ of the Year by ED publications, the most prestigious honor in our business, the guys continually find new ways to bring the strip club industry to masses. And if you’re a rock music fan, then you have to catch up on their last few episodes starring Josh Todd from Buck Cherry and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, BOTH of whom were challenged with making the new great strip club rock anthem! With more amazing guests and BIG surprises on the way, it’s definitely the podcast to listen to. Check out the link below and get caught up on the last few episodes!

Strip Club Radio Episodes featuring Josh Todd and Lzzy Hale can be found right here!!