How to earn better tips as a D.J. by ZiFi. Part 1!


When it comes down to it, the reason any jock is in this profession is to make more money, right? We all want to improve our show, our relations at work and more and sometimes it’s as easy as being respectful to those around you. In this article, we welcome back PANDA contributor, ZiFi, with a fresh take on how to make more money from the entertainer’s perspective. ZiFi–known for her work with Quest Magazine, Adventures of the Mayor on the Planet Platypus Network, and her own internationally read blog,–gives us her unique insight into this issue that some D.J.s may miss just because we’ve never been on the other side before. Check out the article below. You can also follow her on Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram.

Read Zi’s Tips for more Tips article right here!





  1. Yes it’s true a teenaged girl will usually make more than me on a weekend but they’ll usually piss it away on booze and coke or their loser boyfriend takes it from them. Plus a stripper has a shelf life of around 8-10 prime money making years meanwhile I’m at 14 years and still going strong haha dream about that tonight

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