Matt Wild West – West Palm Beach


You won’t find many djs that are humble, so when it came to getting to know Matt “Wild West” McGuire I was a little surprised to find a super humble, talented, and knowledgable guy on MANY subjects. Not just the dj side of things. He won’t say it but he’s one of the most talented song writers, remixers in our group. I ask Matt to share his story. Here’s what he wrote:

I’m Matt McGuire. I started dj’ing in 1990 at the local skating rink which quickly lead to South Florida nightclubs. By 1992 I was making a full time living in the booth playing in Alternative/Industrial clubs and the underground rave scene. Around 1994 I started at my first strip club, Crystal’s in North Palm Beach. Over the years working both nightclubs and strip clubs until 2003. In 2003, I left the dj booth and became a full time touring musician playing keyboards, sampling and percussion with my band. After some small success and a move to Los Angeles, I started to spin a few gigs around the nightclub scene in Hollywood. 2007, I moved back to West Palm Beach and quickly found a job back in the adult entertainment industry with Spearmint Rhino. I stayed at Rhino until 2012 when I decided to leave for Wild West. I’ve been with Wild West as head dj and event coordinator since the day they hired me and it’s been a great place to work.