PANDA! by ZiFi of StripClubJournals.Com


One of our most frequent contributors is ZiFi, read more about there right here, and she’s back again with a little piece on PANDA that she’s shared with her readers and we wanted to share it with all of you guys. Here’s an excerpt.

“PANDA is the Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association(@PandaMembers1). They represent the best of the best when it comes to adult industry DJs. In 2015, Strip Club Journals became associated with PANDA. Ron Sparkman, the Vice President of the board of directors, reached out and that was that. Now, I get the inside scoop from behind the scenes of strip club DJs nationwide. How could one say no to such an opportunity to enlighten the masses and to work with the best of the best in another aspect/profession within the adult industry. The best of the best, no matter the industry, always have a common denominator of passion and hard work….”  Read the rest of the article on her website, just click the link right here!


Thanks for the love ZiFi! And don’t forget to look for her article on PANDA in the upcoming issue of Quest magazine. You can also find more info on her Facebook Fan Page, Twitter @ZiFiStripClub, Instagram Zi_Sugar.