Club spotlight: Monroe’s of Palm Beach



Monroe’s really doesn’t need an introduction to the industry at large. Everyone knows about it. If they haven’t been there, they want to. Both of their night DJs are multiple time nominees for DJ of the Year, both are board members, and one is even the President of Panda. Their GM, Joe Bee, is up for GM of the Year and their club, already an ED award winner for Club of the Year South, is now the front-runner for Feature Club of The Year. My guess is that we’ll see a DJ of the Year and Overall Club of the year awarded to this club in the next few years. So with all this success, most people’s question is WHY? Pretty simple answer. It’s everything.

From the moment you pull into the nearly-full parking lot (Seriously. Every time.) and see the obviously West Palm Beach high-end cars parked in valet, you know you’re in for something special. You can hear EDM pumping as you walk through the door. Hospitality is the name of the game here as you will be greeted by a smiling host and waitress as you walk in the door. The staff is pleasant and on point. And for all the Pandas out there, the DJ booth is¬†front and center. Spotlight in hand, Jimmy and Dane light you up and crack a joke to welcome you as you find your way to either a table or one of the many VIP bottle service areas. The music flows seamlessly as all of their night DJs mix EDM of every kind. Speaking of, they have multiple guests spots for different styles of jocks monthly. Their light and sound tech, A Joshua Lang, is FANTASTIC at putting on a show that goes along with the musical¬†stylings. If it isn’t obvious, I love the system here. All the lights in the room fire up different colors at the touch of a button. I got the chance to be the light tech once before Josh started and had a blast throwing jokes around with Dane in the booth. We played celebrity look-a-like til it became too distracting. The same goes for hanging with Jimmy. Another thing that is fantastic is the door to the stage right beside the booth. A jock can be on stage, throwing out shirts, pumping up the crowd and back in the booth to mix the next song in a flash. It is one of my favorite booths in the country.
DJ’s aren’t the only part of this club that kicks major ass. The staff is always on point. The bartenders and waitresses there are amongst the most beautiful women I’ve seen in West Palm, period. Our bartender on my last visit, Destiny, was drop-dead gorgeous, all smiles and attentive. And she’s not the only one. I think it might obvious at this point that the entertainers are also lovely too, but just in case that wasn’t clear…yes the entertainers are hot. You really couldn’t ask for more when it comes to presenting a beautiful all around package. Joe Bee leads a helluva team here. From their expert marketing staff (one of the best in the business) to the mouth-watering food menu and private dining area in te back, you aren’t going to find better in all of South Florida. And now with a new club opening soon and open auditions happening this fall for DJ staff for their new club Doube D’s, which you can find out about here, you really can’t help think that the sky is the limit for the Monroe’s crew. Owners Scott and Jenn Liza have an incredible future ahead. Keep watching!