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Dr. Rock

Dr. Rock gets ready for his ROAST

strip club video

Michael Davis & Josh Fiore Debut their new Expo Song &...

Michael Davis & Josh Fiore Debut their new Expo Song & Video [youtube]
Automated DJ Software

Automated DJ Software. Will it replace the DJ?

AUTOMATED DJ SOFTWARE for strip clubs! Can it replace DJs? Will it replace DJs? Should you be worried? Strip Club Video with Danny Meyers,...
What makes a damn good DJ?

What Makes a Damn Good DJ?

What makes a Damn Good Strip Club DJ?  Three of the best will give you their opinion.  Dane Hansen, Jeb Jarrell & Danny Meyers.  [youtube...
Strip Club Video

Put the SHOW back in The Showclub

What ever happened to the SHOW at the Showclubs? How can we bring it back?  Dane Hansen, Jeb Jarrell & Danny Meyers tackle this...
Tim Rhodes

Where in the world is Tim Rhodes?

Have you wondered what ever happened to Tim Rhodes?  We found him and he joins us on this episode of Strip Club Video.  Hosted...
Strip Club Video

Social Media for Strip Clubs. Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media for the Adult Club Industry.  With all the confusion of what you can and can't post on social media, Macy John, Marketing...
Strip Clubs in the 90s

Strip Clubs in the 90s. What’s Changed?

Let's take you back to strip clubs in the 90s. Sequined Gowns, Landing Strips and No Tattoos. What's changed since then? The Music? The...
Gentlemen's Club Expo

Dave Manack talks about Gentlemen’s Club Expo in Miami

Dave Manack from Exotic Dancer Publications talks about the Gentlemen's Club Expo 2021 in Miami Florida [youtube]
Strip Club Video

Expo in Miami on a Budget

Expo in Miami on a Budget.  Going to 2021 Exotic Dancer Publications Expo in Miami.  Michael DeSuno aka DJ Platypus from Tootsies in Miami...