D.J. Spotlight. Jerry Butler (D.J. Redbull)




Jerry Butler. Jer Bear. The Butz. Redbull. Texas. He’s called by many different names but everyone knows the guy. He’ll make sure of that. He’s always bragging about his steaks and how amazing his job is. (I admit, it is a fun club.) The first time I talked to him on the phone, his somewhat overbearing nature was evident. It’s endearing once you’ve known him for a while. It becomes almost humorous when he yells of his skills and how awesome he is. I liked the guy immediately. He has such joy in his voice when he talks about D.J.ing that you can’t help but get excited. He’s a little bigger than life sometimes, but if you get to know him, you get to see the softer side of Sears. Right now he is up for DJ of the Year and Panda of the Year, and he’s a contender in both. So how did the madness start? Well, he came from humble beginnings.



What most don’t know about Jerry is that he’s a veteran, spending his early years in the United States Air Force and that’s where his career in the adult industry began. He was serving at Tinker Airforce Base in Oklahoma City and was heavily frequenting his favorite strip club, Fancy’s. He was there so much that he felt obliged to, in his typical Jerry bravado, inform the owner that he should put him on the pay roll….and she did. He went from the front doorman to the D.J. in less than 2 months. And he was hooked. “That feeling of a crowd going crazy, setting the heartbeat for the party”, he says. “And all that money!” But during his time with the U.S.A.F, Jerry started having breathing problems. His job was a fuel cell mechanic, which basically means he climbed inside the wings of the AWACS E3, a sentry aircraft, and fixed all the fuel related issues. Exposure to JP8, and a plethora of other chemicals, made him ill. He was intially diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis after a lung biopsy. It would turn out to be RBILD (Respirator’s bronchitis associated with interstatial lung disease.) Jerry knew then that his time in the Air Force was coming to an end. He was honorably discharged and decided to take a chance on the music thang, so he headed to Orlando, Fl.1897944_649912905125981_1015143816299216688_n

Moving to Florida would turn out to be exactly what Jerry was looking for. There he met his best friend and partner in crime, Timmy Stine. This is also when he met Dean Reardon, who taught him how to look inside of himself and be the best possible D.J. he could be. Note from Jerry to any future pandas: Dean’s big on toe tapping, finger snapping music! From Peter Swift he gained the “I’m the best in the business” attitude that pushes him to excel. He taught him that failure is never an option. Ane he taught him how to make the sell.

Jerry eventually made his way to Houston, TX and has called it home since. He’s currently working at the Ritz in Houston, one of Panda’s top supporters. (The club is a blast by the way. Check out my review with videos here). I asked Jerry for some advice for any up-and-coming Pandas. “Remember the doors don’t open just because you’re standing in front of them. Check your ego (HYSTERICAL!) and have fun! Most importantly, don’t let the dark side of the business suck you in. It’s a hard road out! You’ll be more successful with a plan to save money and keeping your nose clean.” Jerry is also big on living every day to its fullest. Like most of us in the business for any length of time, he saw an altercation where a man lost his life. The boy, only 21 years old, had nothing to do with the fight. Wrong place, wrong time. Jerry always keeps that in mind. Now he’s a father and a husband. And what you’ll find most surprising about Jerry is that the only thing he’s really, REALLY outspoken about is his D.J. abilities. He doesn’t talk much about his service. He lives under a lot of pressure all the time and still comes out smiling. Most people don’t face as much adversity in a year that Jerry does in a month. At time he struggles, just like any of us. But he always picks himself up and tries to improve. When they treat him right, Jerry’s fiercly loyal to his friends and his club. You’ll always believe wherever Jerry is at is where the party is. And that’s because he loves to bring it. Jerry has many nicknames, but when asked which one is his favorite, his answer is? Father. That should tell you all you need to know. As always, thanks for reading.