DJ Spotlight Patrick Elliott


D.J. Spotlight: Patrick Elliott

Most would never believe the crazy character we know today as Patrick Elliot started off in the night club business as a bouncer at his buddy’s bar in Milwaukee, WI. It wasn’t long before his unique style of humor got put him behind the bar. Like many D.J.’s, Pat found his calling when he was in the right place at the right time. Since he wasn’t afraid to give anything new a try, he was happy to volunteer his services one day when the D.J. didn’t show up. The booth was right behind the bar, so he was quick to jump in and help out. It was love at first pun. He took it like a duck to water and immediately set out to hone his mixing skills and moved on to bigger clubs. He worked hard at his craft and eventually landed a gig traveling the country as a DJ/VJ for Coca-Cola. He performed at schools, fairs, and amusement parks, eventually working his way to doing MTV’s Spring Break in Daytona. The pinnacle of his success was when he was able to M.C. the Bayou Classic Party at the Superdome in front of 18,000 people. After hitting such a high note, he decided to get off the road for awhile and settle down.

With such experience at a young age, it wasn’t hard for him to land a great job. He started D.J.’ing at a club restaurant atop the tallest building in Minneapolis. The hotel there attracted tons of tourists that would come up for dinner and drinks, all while enjoying the spectacular 360-degree view of the city skyline. Occasionally, the bar would get a group of hot girls that wold come up to drink and dance. They would even throw money at him to play music. One day, a regular of his came in and told him he needed to go to Solid Gold because they needed a D.J. This was his first gentleman’s club experience and one he treasures to this day.

After Solid Gold, Patrick found himself back at home on the east coast traveling with his old company. During his off days, he got a part-time gig at the Gold Club in Connecticut. Gold Club is where he got his first experience working with some of the top features in the country. His style was enough to catch the attention of one of the girls and she recommended the new Pure Platinum that had just opened in New York City. Since he now had experience in the M.J.P. style, he nailed the audition and was given his “next level” of D.J. training while running the light board for top jocks in the business. Like many of M.J.P.’s premiere D.J.s at the time, when a new club opened, he was allowed to bounce between clubs. Now rocking shifts at Pure Platinum, Pure Gold AND Thee Dollhouse, he found himself on top of the world. But all good things must come to an end.

With the Dollhouse and Pure Gold closing and Pure Platinum changing hands, Pat knew it was time to find new work. Through the years, he’s worked in New Jersey and Philly. He eventually returned to the New York City scene at the V.I.P. Club. His moment came once again when a manager he worked with asked him to come to Boston to open up Centerfolds. Known as one of the top clubs in New England, he was he lead jock there for 4 years. He continued to hone his craft working throughout the Tri-State area. Most recently he’s been spinning at Satin Dolls, a.k.a. BadaBing from HBO’s The Sopranos. You can also find him weekends at Babes NOLA in South Jersey. This brand new club with state-of-the art sound and lighting is being run by the Bass Brothers, who won the 2011 and 2013 E.D. award for Small Club of the Year (Central). He also feels that a major career highlight for him the last two years was working as one of the main stage hosts at the E.D. awards in Las Vegas. To be recognized and to be able to work with other nationally known P.A.N.D.A.s is an honor he relished. He’d also like to thank D.J. Lukester, Markie Mark, James St. James, Jay Crowley and David Boehm for being great influences through his career. Without them and other industry professionals like Dennis and Ken Degori, he wouldn’t be where he is today as a professional Gentleman’s club D.J. You can contact Patrick at As always, thanks for reading!

D.J. Ron James
Spearmint Rhino, Dallas, TX




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