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FREE MUSIC FOR PANDAS via the PANDA Track Alliance!

Hey PANDAS take a listen as PANDA Secretary Of The Board Ilan Fong and Danny Meyers welcome Oracle Entertainment CEO & Founder Debra Eriksen to talk about the FREE MUSIC FOR PANDAS and the other exciting opportunities we will be offering through the PANDA Track Alliance!  Here’s how you can become a TASTE-MAKER in the music industry!!!  Music Mondays will be coming in January of 2017!  For those listeners who are not working dj’s, don’t worry!  We will have something for you in 2017 as well!  And if you know someone who is an Adult Nightclub DJ then get them signed up with so they can get in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity!

Listen to Panda Minute – Breaking News here:

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Danny Meyers is the 2017 Panda Lifetime Achievement Award winner and the 2017 Exotic Dancer Publications DJ of the Year. Currently the Chairman of the Panda Broadcast Committee and host of the Panda Top 20 and Off The Charts podcasts. Danny also runs Strip Club U ( a YouTube channel geared toward everyone in the strip club industry.