GenTX Magazine’s Chino Salas becomes official photographer for P.A.N.D.A.!




When you look at the rising stars of the industry, not many people are as dedicated to their craft as Chino Salas is. He’s worked hard to  get his magazine off the ground, almost single-handedly. By being a hard worker and putting in the time, he’s quickly garnered attention from industry giants like  Tony Batman and ED Publications(Speaking of, Expo is coming up soon. Make sure to sign up for the Expo Army here!)  We were lucky enough to strike up a partnership with Chino, who’s been a long running supporter of P.A.N.D.A., and he’s now our official photographer! Welcome to the team, sir! We look forward to doing big things with you in the future! Be sure to  like GenTx’s Page 1606361_545862798883135_9144975193881845353_oto keep up on new developments!

(On a personal note: Since I moved to Texas, he’s gone out of his way to help me, not only to promote my club, but even to find a place to live! We’ve worked together for promos at my club, Spearmint Rhino in Dallas, he shot for us for our Bill Love charity fundraiser, and more. He’s a class act and there’s no one better in the business. )