Johnny Michelsen’s Panda Rock Mix November 2016


Panda member Johnny Michelsen is back with another Panda rock mix for November 2016. 

Listen to Johnny Michelsen’s Panda Rock Mix here.

Beartooth- Hated

Shallow Side- Rebel

Ghost- Square Hammer

Highly Suspect- My Name is Human

Sixx AM- Prayers for the Damned

Mother Feather- Living, Breathing

In Flames- The Truth

Bon Jovi- Born Again Tomorrow

Adelita’s Way- Ready for War

A Day to Remember- Naivety

Chevelle- Door to Door Cannabals

Shinedown- How did you Love

Avenged Sevenfold- The Stage



Danny is the Chairman of the Broadcast Committee for PANDA and the host of several podcasts including the Panda Top 20, Panda Off The Charts, Meet The Panda, Sounds of the Expo, Panda Talk One on One and many more. With a true love and passion for the adult club industry, Danny is on a mission to offer knowledge and guidance to the next generation of Strip Club DJs. Danny Meyers is also the resident DJ at The Harem in Dayton Ohio