Scott Meigs


Every week we’d like to show some love for PANDAS that have made a difference. Either with a life time of service in our industry, a creative new idea, or just being generous. This week we pay tribute to a hall of fame jock that has continued to bring excellence to his craft for almost 30 years; West Palm Beach native Scott Meigs. It all started with a love of music. Scott started doing parties at 13 and landed his 1st job at Specs Music in the Palm Bch mall at 16. Within the 1st year he became the 12″ single buyer for all the stores in the S.E. region. At 17 the young music aficionado opened the #1 nightclub in W.P.B. called Cheers in the Royce hotel with Servico. Seeing Scott’s talent for clubs they offered him a gig in Dubai, U.A.E. but he turned it down. Scott said, “I just wasn’t ready for that yet.” After a hard breakup Scott decided to surround himself with naked ladies and landed a job at Flashdance. The owner Brent said i was to talented to work there and sent me to see a young dj Tim Rhodes at Solid Gold, Ft. Lauderdale. The rest is history. He spent the better part of the next 15 years working for MJP. Working Solid Gold, Ft. Laud., and NMB. Dollhouse, Pompano, Myrtle Bch., and Tampa. Pure platinum- Ft. Laud., Tampa, NY., HI. Scott is known for his super likable personality on the mic, extensive music knowledge, rapping on the mic, and generating a party out of nothing. He quickly garnered attention from club owners from coast to coast and became the go-to jock to open new clubs like Studio 54- NY, Pure Gold-Lexington, Ky., Platinum Plus- Miami, Fl, Crazyhorse (now KOD)- Miami, FL, new Solid Gold- Ft. Laud, Fl, and Pink Pony- Pompano, Fl. Scott’s hall of fame resume includes Tootsies Miami, the legendary Scarlett’s Hallandale, Cheetah Pompano and Scores Ft. Laud, and he even spent a few years in San Francisco working under current ED Magazine’s “GM Of The Year” Ken Degori. Scott recently won the job of opening one of the very first clubs under the Vivid Live brand in Miami where he is currently working. Scott says “I dont know what the future holds but I dont think I will be in the biz a whole lot longer.” Scott really has paid his dues like a lot of people in this business. He’s been at the top AND the bottom but he is definitely one of THEE best PANDAS to ever grace a microphone.