Sounds of the Expo | Gia Nova & Stacey Wiggins


Sounds of the Expo with Gia Nova & Stacey Wiggins

PANDA has just returned from the 2016 ED Publications Gentlemen’s Club Expo! Every year we bring the convention to you with Sounds of the Expo, and this year we have more episodes than ever before. Each episode will focus on strip club industry professionals that graciously took the time to speak with us at our booth. On this episode we have some fun with Feature Entertainer, radio personality and strip club expert, Gia Nova.

Gia Nova at the PANDA booth @coverphoto
Gia Nova at the PANDA booth @coverphoto

Gia Nova has won ED’s Entertainer of the Year award. She has also won Night Moves Magazine’s Best Feature Showgirl, Editor’s Choice, and Fans’ Choice. She is the spokesmodel for the Xtreme411 strip club finder app which has made a splash in the industry. The app allows customers to find clubs, events, and track features around the country. She is also a celebrity spokesperson for Scares That Care, which is a 501c3 organization.

Stacey Wiggins from Christie’s Cabaret in Brunswick Ohio also joins Danny Meyers and Ilan Fong on this show.

Recorded live from the Exotic Dancer Expo floor in New Orleans August 9, 2016.

Listen to Gia Nova’s interview here!

Gia Nova at the PANDA Booth @coverphoto
Gia Nova at the PANDA Booth @coverphoto

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Danny is the Chairman of the Broadcast Committee for PANDA and the host of several podcasts including the Panda Top 20, Panda Off The Charts, Meet The Panda, Sounds of the Expo, Panda Talk One on One and many more. With a true love and passion for the adult club industry, Danny is on a mission to offer knowledge and guidance to the next generation of Strip Club DJs. Danny Meyers is also the resident DJ at The Harem in Dayton Ohio