Stripper Olympics at Michael’s Men’s Club


I just returned from the Stripper Olympics competition at Michael’s Men’s Club in Lafayette, Louisiana. What a beautiful club. Recently remodeled and man what job they did. The private rooms are plush, each with unique artwork, TV, and individual audio controls.
You can watch the main stage action from your private room while selecting club audio, TV audio or plug your phone in and listen to your own music.
Nicky Biggs from Nicky Biggs Entertainment did an outstanding job installing the sound, lasers, lights and video boards. This place looks like a mini E11ven.
Stripper Olympics was hosted by last years Stripper Olympics champion and national touring feature performer, Annie Lane. It was co-hosted by 2019 Exotic Dancer Publications DJ of the Year and winner of the 2019 Panda courage award, Jeremy “swaggle” Sweigert.
Those two killed it.
Speaking of killing it, an entertainer that’s somewhat new to the scene and an all-around sweetheart, Bailey Fox was the big winner that night. She was holding so many flowers that you couldn’t even see her face.
All the contestants were incredible. They each performed 3 times. First was the Lap Dance competition.
They had two minutes each to demonstrate their best lap dance skills. Then it was on to the Floorshow performance. There were amazing performances by all.
The third category was pole work. I can’t tell you how many times I thought to myself, how did she do that? They defied the laws of gravity.
Being a DJ, my favorite part of the night was listening to a DJ who is relatively new to the strip club side of things and one of our newest Panda members, Brian Tugman. He had the party rockin’ all night. Great energy, smooth transitions, very clear voice and music selection that was spot on. (I’d love a copy of his playlist) I learned many things listening to Brian.
On my trip to Lafayette, I had two firsts. 1. I’ve never seen the national anthem sung in a strip club and I was proud to see everyone standing for it. That was how they kicked off Stripper Olympics.
My other first was the adventures of the Lafayette airport. Nothing bad, I’ve just never seen an airport that small. I’m pretty sure the guy standing on the runway assisting the plane was Tattoo.
Congratulations to all the MMC Stripper Olympics contestants, they all were winners in my book.

Here are your official winners.

Overall Winners:

FIRST: Bailey Fox,  SECOND: Hayla Faye, THIRD: Ms. Parker

Individual categories

Lapdance:  1. Bailey Fox,  2. Hayla Faye, 3. Ms. Parker

Floorshow: 1. Bailey Fox, 2. Blake Monroe, 3. Hayla Faye

Pole: 1. Bailey Fox, 2. Lori Lane, 3, Kassidy Khaos

Previous Overall Winners:

2011 Katarina Kat

2012 Lacey Rain

2013 Farrah Frost

2014 Vayda Kiss

2015: Barbie Dollars

2016: Natasha Nova

2017: Shar Zayne

2018: Annie Lane







Danny Meyers is the 2017 Panda Lifetime Achievement Award winner and the 2017 Exotic Dancer Publications DJ of the Year. Currently the Chairman of the Panda Broadcast Committee and host of the Panda Top 20 and Off The Charts podcasts. Danny also runs Strip Club U ( a YouTube channel geared toward everyone in the strip club industry.