Successful Club Management




by Brian Parselli

Managing an adult nightclub in 2015 has never been more challenging. Simply put, with all of the free porn on the internet, prostitution, and a new adult club popping up on every corner, the competition has become fierce leaving club owners and managers perplexed on what to do next.

Is having dancers on stage not enough anymore? Is the traditional gentlemen’s club extinct?
The guests that frequent adult night clubs are also different. In the 90’s they paid a lot more money for dances and VIP rooms and got very little if any contact. Now, they expect to pay a very nominal amount for the type of contact which would get you escorted out of many clubs just a few years ago.

Revival of the industry – Is it possible?
According to many, the glory days of the gentlemen’s club entertainer have gone. But, can it be restored? Perhaps it can with some hard work, training and old concepts that need to be reborn in a manner that can correlate to today’s adult industry.

The Entertainer of the New Age
The etiquette of the entertainer went from dressing and looking glamorous, astonishing makeup, strutting a beautiful gown, and basically dancing to whatever the DJ wanted to play to wearing a bikini they bought at a supermarket, no makeup or very little, hair up in a ponytail, and will literally walk off stage if the DJ doesn’t play a song she likes. (Many guests can go home to their wife and see that). Yes the days of the “professional entertainer” have seemingly slipped away and industry professionals all notice it, but do not take action on it.

Start with the core of the issue, Your Entertainers!
Even in the lawsuit happy world we operate in, you can still effectively have your entertainers act as a real entertainer. Hair, Makeup, Dresses (not gowns) can still work wonders. Music they listen to, their attitudes. All of this contributes to the overall atmosphere of your club.
Unfortunately the entertainers these days have forgotten how to actually entertain because of lazy management who in many cases just don’t care about this extremely important element of your club.

Educating the entertainer
Time and time again, as I chat with entertainers from many clubs, most of the girls I talk to have very little knowledge about the club in general. Many had great difficulty in telling me the dance prices and basically couldn’t tell me about the VIP rooms, any specials or much about the club at all.
I have had the wow factor thrown at me by various entertainers. In Dallas, I had a beautiful entertainer who was dressed in a beautiful red dress, makeup, hair and nails, perfect. She took me on a tour of her club, showed me different levels of privacy, what they cost, and introduced me to their VIP host. I was in awe at this young lady’s exuberant display of hospitality.
This is just one great example of management giving the entertainer the tools necessary to make great money.

A quick thought on Managing Adult Nightclubs – Lead by example!
As a manager or owner of an adult nightclub, understand that many of these girls are in the adult business for various reasons. Keep in mind that you, the manager or owner, may be one of the very few positive influences in these ladies’ lives. It takes many years of experience to figure out the psyche of the adult nightclub entertainer. Some girls need and require that discipline from a black and white rigid manager where others will rebel against the same. Some require the more fatherly, caring approach in which their response is more positive than rebellious. Be the person you were hired to be- an inspiration, a leader and most of all show your entertainers you care about them. Caring creates loyalty. Caring doesn’t mean let the girls do what they want. If you care about someone, you discipline them when they need it because you care enough to address their mistakes and teach them the proper way to be an adult nightclub entertainer. Many entertainers may rebel against discipline at first, but in the end they will respect you for it and not leave you for your competition.

Use your time with your entertainers wisely! Be fair to all of your entertainers, reward when needed, and discipline when you must. As long as you keep in contact with them, show them you care, and treat them all fairly, they will remain loyal! Get rid of any employees who do not respect your entertainer. If they refer to them with derogatory names, mistreat them etc..

Check out the May 2016 issue of ED’s Club bulletin for a more in depth look at the entertainer orientation and effective communication with your entertainers.