Welcome our first new writer to the site, Zi Fi Sugar Zion.


In an effort to get some more points of view in the industry, we’re going to be adding some excellent guest writers to the Panda website in coming months. If there’s anything we can improve on, it’s dancer relations, and who better for that than national magazine writer ZiFi. A few of her accomplishments include, her monthly column with Quest Magazine for the last two years(now syndicated), her internationally read website Stripclubjournals.com since 2011 and you may have also heard her on Enrique Arellano’s show “Adventures of the Mayor” hosting her segment “Z’s are the Facts”. ZiFi is proud to share her stories and thoughts with major events, interviews and more within our industry. Writing about her past experiences as a dancer gives her the necessary insight we all need to manifest the industry to its fullest.

This piece is an introduction to her and what she does and we’ll have more coming soon on improving DJ/Dancer relations and much, much more! You can also find more info on her Facebook Fan Page, Twitter @ZiFiStripClub, Instagram Zi_Sugar. Thanks ZiFi and welcome to the writer’s team!


Check out the link here and help PANDA say hello to Zi Fi!






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