Who Are We?



What is P.A.N.D.A.?


Professional Adult Nightclub DJ Association is a group of Adult Industry Professional DJs with the goal of building a network to share resources, teach best practices, and work with owners to improve individual businesses and our industry as a whole.

As an organization, there’s nothing else like PANDA. We bring together the collective experience of currently more than 600 Djs from clubs all over the country. As members of PANDA we strive to be the best we can be and are determined to set a standard for Professional Adult Nightclub DJs. We are committed to improving the performance and reputation of DJs as integral players in the success of a club.

The industry is changing and for many people that change brings a lot of uncertainty. We capitalize on the wisdom and “business sense” of PANDA members with decades of experience and an advisory board of other industry professionals and combine that with new and innovative ideas to keep our industry “fresh”.  PANDA then focuses on working with Owners and Management to implement these best practices in an ever changing economy.  In doing so, we work together to sustain the integrity and profitability of the industry that has served us all for so many years. By improving the quality of the DJ and their involvement in the success of the clubs they are working in, we improve the quality of the industry overall.


Why join us?


We focus on being a resource for the needs of the individual DJ knowing that by raising the standard of the individual, their commitment to professionalism will in turn lead to a better work environment and growth for the club. PANDA will set the standard of what a club looks for in a PROFESSIONAL DJ.



Where is PANDA headed in 2015?


The paperwork has been submitted and soon PANDA will be established as an LLC. This is being done to create an entity for legal protection and tax purposes while we explore what is the best entity for the long term. A 501c non-profit is being explored, and it takes time to establish with the IRS why specifically an organization should be declared a 501c. In the meantime there are financial obligations related to PANDA (website, copyrighting, trademarks, web site and podcast hosting, event production and promotion, awards, merchandise, operating expenses etc.) and the LLC has been created for that purpose.

PANDA is currently led by the Board of Directors. Up to this point all financial commitments have been the responsibility of the Board Members. Each Board member pays annual dues in the amount of $200. Above and beyond those dues, Board members regularly contribute to other expenses either individually or on a whole based on what those financial needs are.  The Board meets regularly once a month, and most times more frequently to discuss how to move PANDA closer to the goals of the group. Because all Board members are volunteers it sometimes takes several meetings to deal with all the issues on the agenda. With that in mind, in 2015 Subcommittees are being created that may include both Board members and others in PANDA who wish to take a more active role. The current subcommittees are Steering Committee, Welcoming/Recruiting Committee, Web Site/Social Media Committee, Event Committee, and Fundraising Committee. More committees will be created as we move forward.

We recognize that not all Strip Club DJs have an interest in being a part of PANDA. At the same time PANDA wants to set a standard for what the organization deems as “Professional”. In the next few weeks we will be presenting this Standard to the group to allow us to more clearly define what it means to be PANDA. Our long term goal is that when a club hires a PANDA, they know that they can expect the best from that individual.

In 2015 PANDA will look to have regional representatives who will help expand the reach of PANDA by actively seeking out DJs in their region who are not aware of PANDA, share with them the vision and mission of PANDA, share what the Standards are for being a PANDA and invite them to become members. These regional representatives will also help organize local gatherings like lunches, social events and workshops.

Already we have started to create relationships with some very large, commercial entities that are music-related (i.e. DJCity, ProVideos for DJs, etc.) and we are looking to have a working partnership with these kinds of companies by which we can raise our visibility as professional DJs. Since PANDAs are essentially professional DJs working a specific niche it will help to bring mainstream credibility to be recognized and supported by mp3 pools, software companies, hardware companies, etc.  In 2015 we look to nurture our relationship with DJCity even more as well as the relationships with Monroe’s, Café Royale, Down In Texas, E11even, StripJoints, GenTX, ProVideos for DJs and others.

We will continue to hold Pandamoinum events, in which all attendees get the chance for fellowship, entertainment, and in 2015 will expand them to include workshops and sessions designed to share knowledge about our industry and personal skills. The goal is to have 2 PANDA gatherings this year. One will be PANDAMONIUM and the other will be creating a true influential presence at the ED EXPO.

All of these things have to be financed in some way. Having set ourselves up as an LLC we can begin to integrate a store front built into the website to help fund the organization through sales of PANDA merchandise and products that we can create affiliate relationships with. We can also now get sponsors set up for our shows, podcasts and website. We are also exploring a PANDA starter-kit for sale to new members that would include some PANDA merchandise to help offset expenses for business operations and events.

In 2015 we will have more structure with the organization. Along with regular Board meetings we will be scheduling PANDA meetings open to all members that will allow for better communication of our direction and will hopefully inspire a higher level of participation from our members. PANDA meeting minutes will be posted regularly in the members section of www.pandamembers.org

We have already begun working to identify what obstacles need to be overcome and what strengths and resources we already have within PANDA to achieve these goals in the next 12 months. It is our belief that by achieving these goals in 2015 we will have made great progress and established a strong foundation that we can build on taking PANDA into 2016 and beyond.