Who Wants to Shave John Hardin’s Head for Charity?


Good friend and fellow PANDA, John Hardin (Tootsie’s Miami) was recently diagnosed with cancer. Below is a message from him. We hope you all participate and give to this very worthy cause.

Yes, I have cancer.
Yes, I have a better chance than most that I’m gonna make it through this alive.
But what about those that aren’t? I can’t just not give something back to the universe when I’m getting off this light. Granted, my journey thus far has been painful. But I’m certain the universe wants me to sacrifice something for those who have nothing to give. So, I’m gonna be a step ahead of chemo’s side effects: I’m sacrificing…my hair.
Which means:
That’s right. $20 bucks for a raffle ticket. I’m holding a raffle for charities. St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital will be the recipients of every dime of every dollar I raise.
If you’re not local, you can delegate a local from my friends list to do the deed and yes, IT WILL BE VIDEO RECORDED AND POSTED FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE.
C’mon. Put the odds in favor of others with cancer that don’t have a chance.
And maybe you’ll have bragging rights for the rest of our lives to be able to say you were the one who ‘Shaved John Hardin’s Head’. BOTH of my bosses (DJ Platypus being one of them!), Hal Bell and Michael Myers are chomping at the bit to give me a fucked-up coif; so, please…don’t let these animals get a hold of my beautiful dome.
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