NEW Health Insurance App


A New TeleMedicine App Is Revolutionizing Healthcare!
Everyone told them it couldn’t be done. So they went ahead and did it. This innovative solution puts consumers in the center of their own health care, providing industry changing telemedicine, cost transparency, provider discovery, insurance connectivity and prescription savings right at your fingertips.
The result…nothing short of extraordinary. TeleMedicine is changing the way real people access healthcare.
The unique blend of technology and engagement is allowing progressive folks to reduce costs, redirect claims and improve care while delivering innovations that consumers demand. Just like Uber did for transportation or OpenTable did for dining, this service puts you in control of your healthcare through choice, transparency, connectivity, and cost savings never before seen in a single platform.
~ Starts at $11 monthly, Unlimited Video Consults with Doctors (FREE – no extra charge)
~ 24×7 Access to Doctors – When you get sick, their doctors are standing by 24×7 waiting to help you. They can diagnose, treat, and often prescribe for an array of medical issues. Why drive to a doctor or wait a week to see one when you can connect instantly via your smartphone?
~ Provider Discovery – Need to search for a nearby doctor, dentist, or other provider? The app’s radar makes it easy. You can even research your doctor first!
~ Prescription Savings – The awesome price comparison engine can save you up to 85% by shopping and comparing a variety of prescriptions to find the best prices nearby.
~ Insurance Connectivity – Real-time connectivity to more than 450 insurance carriers for up-to-date coverage information, deductible tracking and benefit summaries.
~ Price Transparency – This app lets you compare cash vs. insurance pricing for common procedures across the city or around the country.
~ Intelligent Alerts – Context and location sensitive alerts delivering benefit and savings reminders, helping members better utilize their insurance plans and the apps services.
Experience this extraordinary and simple Mobile App – Interact with the app, thousands of people are connecting with our doctors, finding new places of care, pricing prescriptions or keeping tabs on their insurance plan. Let your phone show you the magic of more than 100,000 geofences in action. The smart alerts are designed to remind, educate and save you money!

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