Before You Quit Your Job As A Strip Club DJ


Danny Meyers has been a DJ for 40 years, with the last 17 in the adult club business. He’s also the host of a number of Panda Radio Podcasts including the PANDA Top 20, Off The Charts, as well as PANDA One on One.


Before you quit your job.

We’ve all been there. You have several nights in a row where entertainers don’t tip, the manager giphy-2screams at you for stuff that you can’t control, floor staff doesn’t keep you informed on who’s available, everyone keeps asking for the
latest Drake song and you really want to take a line from the Johnny Paycheck song, “Take This Job And Shove It”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen DJs (me included) quit their jobs thinking the grass is greener somewhere else. In some cases it has worked out fantastic; others haven’t fared so well.

Some guys want to quit due to a lack of respect from their bosses.  Keep in mind that most of us don’t have managers that pat us on the back and tell us we’re doing a good job.  You have to be your own motivator.  It’s up to you to put yourself in a great energetic mood.

If you do decide that your current club isn’t for you…

Before you quit your job, remember that there are no perfect gigs available.  That’s because anyone who has a perfect gig is not leaving it, and if they did most clubs promote from within so you probably would start at the bottom of the chain.

Before you quit your job, think about what you would like in an ideal gig. I think three main things we all want from our employment are good pay, job security, and respect.  Will any of those be improved at your next gig?

We should all have a back-up plan other than DJing. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Before you quit your job, have money saved. How long will you be able to survive without income?

Before you quit your job, get a resume ready. If relocating to another market where you might not be known is an option, you might consider making an audio recording of your voice to include with the resume.

Before you quit your job, most importantly, don’t announce on social media that you WANT to quit your current job.  You never know who might share that with your boss. In a perfect world that shouldn’t happen but desperate people make desperate decisions.

When you quit your job, don’t burn the bridge and quit without giving a notice.  They may not accept the notice but at least offer it. Leaving any job without proper notice is one of the worse stains you can have on your job history.  I know it’s difficult but don’t bash the club or the people there. In fact maintain your relationships with your entertainers.  They just might follow you to your new club.

I’m not saying don’t quit your job, just be prepared, do some planning and remember, you might need a reference from that boss sometime in the future.

I hope this helps.