Mashups that Blow Your Mind vol 1


What are MashUps??? MashUps are when a DJ/Producer takes 2 or more different tracks, usually of different musical genres, and merges them to create a track that makes the listener pause and tilt their head like a confused dog, before exclaiming “OH!” when comprehension of this new musical sonic cocktail occurs!:)

Here are some of our favorite MashUps that we use to rock nightclubs.

Please enjoy:)



“Bubble Up x Humble (Sam Collins MashUp)” – Diplo Vs Kendrick Lamar 

“Rapture Riders (May 2006 Promo Only Dance Radio)” – Blondie vs The Doors 

“Hotel California Forever” – The Eagles Vs Drake 

“Drake Sandstorm (Mighty Mi Mash Up)” – Drake vs Bass Kleph 

“Intergalactic Robot Rock” – Beastie Boys Vs Daft Punk

” Treasure Me, Myself & I (DJ Kontrol Mash-up)” – Bebe Rexha vs Bruno Mars 

“SexyBack x WAP (Dawg MashUp)” – Justin Timberlake Vs Cardi B 

” Mr Vain Is A Dancer (DJs From Mars Mash-up”) – Snap! vs Culture Beat 

“Voodoo Problems (TimG MashUp”) – Jimi Hendrix Vs Jay-Z 

“Toxic Pony” – ALTEGO, Britney Spears,& Ginuwine 



Diplo vs Kendrick Lamar

Blondie vs The Doors 

The Eagles vs Drake 

Drake vs Darude

Beastie Boys vs Daft Punk

Bebe Rexha vs Bruno Mars 

Justin Timberlake vs Cardi B

Snap vs Culture Beat 

Jimi Hendrix vs Jay-Z

Britney Spears vs Ginuwine  


Sam Collins

Bass Kleph

Mighty Mi

DJ Kontrol


DJs From Mars

Tim G







Danny Meyers

Ilan Fong