Metal Dave Glessner (interview at Rock N Pod 2023)


Introducing “Metal” Dave Glessner! Rock/Music Journalist and host of Talk Louder Podcast! Dave tells us about his first concert experience seeing KISS with the legendary PLASMATICS opening the show at a time when punk and rock fans were not friendly to one another! He delves into the heavy metal hotbed that is San Antonio, Texas the “Heavy Metal Capital of the world” and how DJ Joe “The Godfather” Anthony broke heavy metal bands by playing them on his radio show! The airplay he afforded them allowed bands to play Arena shows in San Antonio when they would be playing clubs anywhere else.

He tells us the story of how he got to interview his heroes The Ramones while he worked at the college radio station and wrote for the campus newspaper, which started his relationship with the band that continues to this day. The first article he did with them ended up in The San Antonio Newspaper! Find out what Glen Tipton, lead guitarist of Judas Priest revealed to him. What are Dave’s thoughts on our Inaugural 2023 Class to our Strip Club Music Hall of Fame? Who are Dave’s favorite people to interview??? He shares a GREAT story about his attempt to interview Diamond David Lee Roth! Lol

Be SURE to check out Dave’s website:

Dave’s Podcast is

It’s an archive of his many articles, interviews, and concert/record views! Well worth it for any rock music history fan:)

We hope to see you all at RockNPod 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee!!!

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