PANDA Loves Features | Liza Lust

Very few features hit the industry running in the way that Liza Lust has. She started this year with a win at the prestigious EDI West in the Newcomer division and went on to perform at the EDI East. Before she ever entered the adult industry she was already an accomplished stage performer and dancer, and it shows in the magnetic presence that she brings into the spotlight. To hear more about her start in the industry, check out her podcast with Danny Meyers here!
Liza has also written for PANDA (check out her articles here and here!) in the past. She’s nominated for the ED Overall Newcomer of the Year award, so be sure to head over to to vote for her on the final ballot! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with all of her performances!

How would you describe the music in your shows?

Liza: The music in my shows fits the theme. If I’m doing a Harley Davidson show, I use classic rock. If I’m doing an S&M show, I use industrial. I also use the music to fit the club and custom tailor it to what the market is for the space. Always high energy, never a dull moment.

P: What is the first song you remember dancing to in a club?

L: I remember my audition clear as day! 5 years ago I danced to “Judas” by Lady Gaga. And it was mortifying because the DJ told me “full nude” and I tried taking off my stockings and my boots while onstage.


P: If you could only dance to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

L: That’s so hard, mlizacreditsy mood and my music are reflective of each other! Right now, I’m obsessed with “Move Your Body” by Sia. I’d also be down for “Freak Like Me” by Halestorm and pretty much anything by Gaga, I would never get sick of it.

P: What is the worst song that a DJ ever played for you?

I’m over “Yeah” by Usher. Hit me with a remix and maybe I’ll change my mind. Until then, no more.

P: What is the coolest thing that a DJ ever did for you?

L: The DJs I have come across in my life have done so much for me. They’ve been my cheerleader, my motivator, my sounding board. They’ve also gotten me drunk on my birthday, mixed music when I had no idea what to do for a new show. There’s a long list.

P: Pick a great “throw back” strip club track for us!

L: I’m about “Du Hast” all over again. Or “Baby Boy” by BeyoncĂ©







From the stage to the booth, Kira has been in the industry for a total of 7 years, with the final 3 of those spent DJing at Double Visions in Pennsylvania. Since beginning her DJ career she has been named DJ of the Year by the local industry magazine, Unveiled, nominated for DJ of the Year by the ED Awards, and also branched out to take control of social media for her club. She has been a PANDA Board Member since early 2016.