Panda Top 20 Chart and Show May 2019


Panda Top 20 May 2019   Five Year PANDAVERSARY Podcast

It was five years ago this month, May 2014 that Danny Meyers, Sean Lovelace, and Ron James recorded the first Panda Top 20 Podcast.  Who knew that 60 episodes later, we would be here celebrating our Five Year Pandaversary.

Huge Thank You to David Ellefson from Megadeth, Skrizzly Adams, Chico from Sextronica, Granny from Granny 4 Barrel, all the members of Ugly Melon, and Bob Chiappardi from for the shoutouts on the podcast.  We can’t thank you enough for your support.

All markets and clubs are different. There will be tracks on the chart that might not work in your club. We’re not implying that every song on every chart should be played in every club. That’s for you, the professional DJ to decide. Use this chart as a tool, not a rule.

Listen to the Panda Top 20 Pandaversary episode, May 2019 here!

Pandatistics. Statistics from the first 60 Panda Top 20 Podcasts
Panda Top 20
Panda Top 20 May 2019

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Danny Meyers Bio
Danny Meyers Bio
Danny Meyers, Ilan Fong
Ilan Fong, Danny Meyers
Recording the Panda Top 20
Recording the Panda Top 20 Ilan Fong, Danny Meyers
Recording the Panda Top 20
Recording the Panda Top 20 Ilan Fong, Danny Meyers
Panda top 20
Recording the Panda Top 20

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Danny Meyers is the 2017 Panda Lifetime Achievement Award winner and the 2017 Exotic Dancer Publications DJ of the Year. Currently the Chairman of the Panda Broadcast Committee and host of the Panda Top 20 and Off The Charts podcasts. Danny also runs Strip Club U ( a YouTube channel geared toward everyone in the strip club industry.