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Natasha Nova is the girl that you wish lived next door-Miss America with a very naked twist! She won the EDI West Showgirl division championship in April with a performance that showcased her dance skills on the floor and on the pole. In fact, her pole talent is so impressive that she is the reigning Miss Pole Champ USA. At the beginning of the year she was named Miss Xtreme 2016, and has graced the covers of many magazines both within the industry and beyond.

Beyond the strip club industry and adult entertainment, Natasha is also an incredibly talented cosplay artist. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


PANDA: How would you describe the music in your shows?

Natasha: I love all types of music. I try to always include multiple genres in my shows. I like them to be well rounded and want everyone to enjoy at least one if not all of my songs. I always like coming out and going out with a bang, so my first and last songs are always upbeat!

P: What is the first song you remember dancing to in a club?

N: Oh my goodness, it’s a little embarrassing. Haha. I remember it like it was yesterday… I was 18 and for my audition song at Deja Vu I chose “Womanizer” by Britney Spears.

P: If you could only dance to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?


N: That is a really tough question but if I HAD TO CHOOSE it would definitely be “Passenger” by Deftones. I think that song has a dark and sultry sound. The tempo changes are incredible, I love strategically changing the speed of my moves with the music. ¬†That song allows me to be soft and slow while also allowing me to get some epic power pole moves in there.

IMG_1774P: What is the worst song that a DJ ever played for you?

N: Oh lord, I don’t even know the name of it. Something by Kid Rock. Lol. As soon as I got off stage I handed my DJ $20 and said “pleeeeeeeease don’t ever play that for me again” LOL

P: What is the coolest thing that a DJ ever did for you?

N: A DJ at my home club use to sneak and play “banned” music for me. Before dub step was mainstream at all I really liked artists like Pretty Lights and Bassnectar. However, dubstep, house, EDM or anything like that wasn’t allowed… But he’d find a way to slip me a couple songs I liked every night I worked. It was pretty awesome. I’ve danced since I was a little girl. I love it. So there is nothing more fulfilling than dancing to a song or artist that really moves me.

P: Pick a great “throw back” strip club track for us!

N: The number one stripper classic of all time of course! “Pony” by Ginuwine!!!




From the stage to the booth, Kira has been in the industry for a total of 7 years, with the final 3 of those spent DJing at Double Visions in Pennsylvania. Since beginning her DJ career she has been named DJ of the Year by the local industry magazine, Unveiled, nominated for DJ of the Year by the ED Awards, and also branched out to take control of social media for her club. She has been a PANDA Board Member since early 2016.