Behind the Curtain with Darren Paltrowitz, Author


Introducing Darren Paltrowitz, author of the new book “DLR Book: How David Lee Roth Changed The World”! Culled from nearly one hundred exclusive interviews, including conversations with some of Roth’s most popular collaborators (among them Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Travis Tritt, and Korn’s Ray Luzier) and contributions from figures influenced by Roth, such as Jason Aldean, Billy Corgan, Butch Vig, and legendary sumo wrestler Konishiki.

We start with Darren connecting the dots of how David Lee Roth is connected to the Strip Club Industry? Who is DLR? What is he like as a PERSON??? Is Dave happy??? Where did he grow up? What were his parents and siblings like? Does he have any lifelong friends? Who is DLR? What’s the difference between Diamond Dave and Dave Roth? What is he like as a PERSON??? We separate the man from the Mythology!

What made Van Halen unique and special? What made them the quintessential California and therefore All-AMERICAN band? Where did/do they sit in the 70s and 80s? What molded Roth’s musical style and vision? What did he actually contribute to the band musically and lyrically? Did Dave leave the band? Or was he FIRED??? What were the contributing factors in the bands breakup?

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