D.J. Chronicles: Sebastian Elliott – Part 2 of 4



D.J. Chronicles: Sebastian Elliott – Part 2 of 4

February 3rd, 2015| Main Story by Sebastian Elliott
In part 2 of Sebastian’s story, he introduces us to James Saint James and Joe Knowbody, two industry icons. And shares with us a bit more of he’s trip to the top! RS

abridged excerpts pertaining to an adult disc jockey employment history,
taken from ‘master of disguise’ – the sebastian elliott story

Part 2

“In 2000, I was asked by a large club owner and several well-known promoters to travel to Las Vegas to man a few velvet ropes for several parties that they were throwing over the course of a week. At the time, N.Y.C. club promoters would rent out large rooms in Vegas hotels and clubs and subsequently fill them with well-known local d.j.’s and a few hundred New Yorkers to party. It was during this period that I became inspired, and finally decided to listen to James Saint James’ earlier recommendations and – you guessed it – work towards becoming the greatest strip club disc jockey that New York City had ever known. When I got back to N.Y.C., I resolved to begin training for the next phase in my nightclub career, and reached out to as many contacts in the industry that I could, getting doors slammed in my face in the process. Finally, after begging, an associate who was working a slow day shift at a New Jersey location of Lace agreed to take me with him to work, assuring me in the process that I had way too much going on to ever do the job properly. It was at Lace that i met Ralph Sutton, an underground hair metal radio jock with a great voice and an 80’s style who – along with advising me not to pursue the career – agreed to train me in the basics in exchange for personal training sessions. Finally – an opportunity to put my voice and extensive musical knowledge to use, and to possibly leave the regular nightclub scene behind.

It was after a night out on the town running around between these regular nightclubs that I finally stopped by the original Scores on the upper east side, arguably the greatest and most famous gentlemen’s club that New York City had ever known. A legendary hangout for Wall Street millionaires, gangsters and celebrities alike, Scores boasted the most attractive girls, the most exciting atmosphere, and the coolest staff. One of those cool staff members was the head of security, a man whose outgoing persona was as large as his physical presence – Big John. John was so much more than security – he was one of the reasons people came to the club – a true nightclub icon that everyone knew, loved and admired. It was during this visit – downing shot after shot of the cabaret disc jockey’s official beverage, Jagermeister – that John suddenly blurted out, ‘Sebastian – I love hanging out with you. I love you so much, that if there’s anything at all that I could ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.’ Without hesitation, I asked, and told him that there was something he could do – hire me – to d.j.. His eyes widened. ‘Are you kidding me?’ he asked . ‘I am not,’ I replied through a haze of licorice alcohol and added, ‘you’ll never regret it.’ In an instant, he brought me to the booth, introduced me to the d.j., and said, ‘Hey – this is my brother, Sebastian. He’s gonna be working with us. I want you to teach him everything you know.’ Understandably, Big John had a way of making others see his point of view, and the jock was more than happy to oblige. His name was Joe Nobody.

For the better part of two years, I spent my days personal training, my evenings recording the third Braindance album, my weekends hosting nightclubs, but my weekday nights moonlighting at Scores. In between force feeding me shots of Jagermeister and chasing Asian entertainers around the club, Joe spent a great deal of time educating me on how to apply my vocal training, club experience and musical knowledge to the adult entertainment arena. Thinking back on those days, even I find it very hard to believe that N.Y.C.’s leading gentlemen’s club would allow a then relatively inexperienced disc jockey to run the show on two or three of the busiest nights of the week from midnight until 3 in the morning, but i can only assume that there was so much excitement going on at all times that they probably didn’t bat an eyelash – that and the fact that I was working for nothing more than experience…”

That concludes part 2 of the 4-part series with Sebastian Elliott. In part 3, he tells of graduating from “Scores University” and getting the call from his dream club. Coming soon!