Feature Entertainer Guidelines from Bill Love!


Below is a piece from one of the most celebrated GM’s in the business, Bill Love. He’s helped bring Al’s Diamond Cabaret to the forefront of clubs for Feature Entertainers and he found that some features haven’t been given some of the most simple rules for success. Very few of the big names in feature entertainment don’t follow these simple guidelines. Bill remains an inspiration to us all, still contributing to the industry as he’s battled huge medical adversities over the last few years. We hope you enjoy his piece and we thank you for reading! PANDA’S, share this with every entertainer that you know that is interested in or just starting out in the Feature game!  – Ron S.


Feature Entertainer Guidelines 

by Bill Love

Before your booking:

Call the club & talk to a manager! If you are driving in, get the name of the hotel as well as the addresses of the hotel and club. If you are flying, find out who is picking you up at the airport. Get a name and contact number and make sure the club has your current contact info. Also get a cell number for the go-to manager.

Ask about the club. Is it bikini, topless, or nude? Liquor or BYOB?

If you are bringing your own music, let the manager know what format it is in. If the manager doesn’t know if their system supports the format, please ask the DJ.

Find out your show-times.

Take advantage of social networking! Just about all clubs use Facebook/Twitter/etc. to advertise upcoming events. Promote your appearances by doing the same! Fans will often travel quite a distance to see their favorite performers. Guarantee your income by plugging your bookings using this tool!


Once you have arrived:

Let the club’s manager know that you are in town. Confirm your show-times. If you are driving to the club, ask when you need to arrive. If the club is sending a driver, arrange an exact meeting place at your hotel and confirm pick-up times.

Have your credits and intro NEATLY prepared for the MC/DJ to read. Give the intro and your music set lists to the DJ at least 30 minutes before your show.

Find out the club rules. If they have not been explained, please ask.

Be courteous with the house girls. Remember, you are being paid as a featured guest of the club. The other entertainers are there 52 weeks a year and usually are paying fees to work. Please respect that fact.


When your booking is over:

Different clubs have different policies regarding who gets tipped what. If there are no set rules, the DJ and your driver should be tipped out. Again, there are no set minimums, but DJs and drivers make most of their income from tips, so please take care of them. If you don’t bring an assistant, whatever club staff that has helped you with your shows and other needs during your booking also should be tipped, and of course, if you eat or drink at the establishment, bartenders and servers also depend on tips for their income. Abide by these guidelines, and increase your chances of a return booking!






  1. You want to be polite to the house girls because they are also the ones sitting with the customers during your show and can either persuade or dissuade them to tip you. They also have the power to call their friends and other costumers ti come in to see your show

  2. I DJ’d a feature with Lacey Rain at Ricks cabaret in San Antonio about 2 years ago and she was amazing very professional and very nice one of the best feature performers I’ve ever seen and had the pleasure of working with

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