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Expo Time! Let’s f’n do this!

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Sunday night:
8pm-12: Panda Party! Check out the deets!

“The White Party and PANDA Awards Show

Inside Masquerade’s at Harrah’s Casino New Orleans

8pm-Midnight Sunday August 23rd.

Hosted by the PANDA Board Members and The A Team Christina Aguchi, Phoenix Phires, and Lacey Rain. Lacey will also be performing a burlesque show during the event. Sounds by New Orleans’s own Lunetta Jazz Band! Don your favorite white outfit and come enjoy a night inspired by the Roaring 20’s!

We will be presenting the PANDA of the Year Award along with the Courage and the Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Awards show will be hosted by Gabriel Hottub Mangold and James Boucher

Special thanks to event coordinator Anthony Binger Bellao, our sponsors Monroe’s Of Palm Beach, Paper Moon Southside, Ritz Houston, Djservcies Stripjointsmusic and DJ James Boucher, as well as A Entertainment News and Planet Platypus Radio for their continued support
Everyone in the Industry is welcome. We will see you all there!”
We recommend as many Pandas as possible go to as many panels as possible. We’ll have Board members and helpful Panda members attending each one. Tenative schedule below.

11-12: Open DJ Q&A featuring Dane Hansen, Tim Rhodes, Mike DeSuno and Jimmy Boucher

12-1: Panels: Bachelor Parties: Dane and Ron
Mastering Inventory: Ilan and Jeb
Vendor Relations: Hot Tub (?)

1-2: Panels: Managing tips: Ron and Dane
Slow weeknights Sean and Jeb
Lacey promo: Danny and Ilan

2-6: Expo floor is open! Come see us at booth sp44. Strip Club Radio will be recording LIVE today!
8:30 – 9: Early Ed Awards Presentation at Penthouse. Including DJ OF THE YEAR!! Come support your friends!

9-1 Pub crawl on bourbon (PH, Hustler, Ricks, and Babes)

The final event of Monday we’ll be DeSuno’s Not So Amateur Contest at Babe’s! Details…

The “Not So” Amateur contest just got better at Babes Nola for the Pub Crawl at EXPO. The premise is an entertainer cannot enter the contest unless accompanied by a DJ. The girl goes on stage for 1 min to dance for 3 Judges. The winning team get’s 1000 dollars cash (for the entertainer) and a DJ gig bag with a new microphone, new headphones, and a new external hard drive. (for the DJ) If you do not have an entertainer from your club coming to EXPO you can use the features. I need to know who is on your team (1 girl per DJ) First come first serve so if Tiger Measles get’s Aguchi on my list before any of you don’t come crying to me. Sign up for this event starts now. Good Luck. This event is Sponsored by Diavlo Sound, Strip Joints, and Babes Cabaret.


10-11: How to read the room. Ron
Management thru tech: Ilan and Jeb

11-12: GM workshop: Ilan, Jeb and Dane attracting dancers.
Tweet this: Ron and Danny

12-1: Keynote speaker on the layers of loyalty. Whole board.

1-5: Expo Floor is open! Come visit us and check out Danny Meyers interviews!

7:30-11: Ed Awards

11: Afterparty


1130-1: Dane, Ron, and Ilan sin-pole tax battles: legal
1:30: Riverboat help crew. (talk to plat. What time need to be there? Ron: film)
2-5 Riverboat Party Cruise featuring Lip Sync!

8-10 Penthouse Nola Mardi Graz Masquerade Party