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Lacey Rain has made quite the name for herself within the adulFullSizeRendert nightclub industry and in strip clubs around the country. She has won so many awards that when we were going over her credits I said that they were going to have to start making new things up for her to win!

Her mental patient show has become nothing short of iconic, and she is always pushing the envelope with new and exciting concepts-if you haven’t seen it before, her Mushu act with Simone Danalustrous is an absolute must-watch. We are now less than two weeks away from her performance at the EDI West, and she will also be at Monroe’s Feature Tournament and the EDI East in June.

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IMG_0353PANDA: How would you describe the music in your shows?

Lacey: My music is high energy, but varies in genre based on the crowd.

P: What is the first song you remember dancing to in a club?

L: “Love In An Elevator” by Aerosmith

P: If you could only dance to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

L: God, I can’t pick one… “Hotel California” by the Eagles, “Jambi” by Tool, “Adrenalize” by In This Moment, or “Love Bites” by Halestorm.

P: What is the worst song that a DJ ever played for you?


LaceycreditsL: Honestly, I don’t really have a answer to this. I have such a fucked up sense of humor and can pretty much roll with anything. I’d say playing the show list labeled “firefighter music”, when I told him I was going to be a mental patient, and then ignoring all of my signals to cut the music during my show was bad.

If I had to pick one song though that I hate hearing in strip clubs…. Girls, Girls, Girls. Really, I’m over it. Stop.

P: What is the coolest thing that a DJ ever did for you?

L: The DJs have been incredibly supportive and amazing during my career. I’ve had them save me from airports that I was trapped in overnight on a layover (That lasted 2 days. No joke.) They have brought me medicine, come out of the DJ booth to personally bounce out a guy who is trying to hit me in the face with rolled up dollars, made me custom laminated credit sheets, took care of my cat 😉

I’ve met some fabulous people for sure.

P: Pick a great “throw back” strip club track for

Freek-A-Leek needs to make a comeback.


Check out the playlist below with all of the music from this article!










From the stage to the booth, Kira has been in the industry for a total of 7 years, with the final 3 of those spent DJing at Double Visions in Pennsylvania. Since beginning her DJ career she has been named DJ of the Year by the local industry magazine, Unveiled, nominated for DJ of the Year by the ED Awards, and also branched out to take control of social media for her club. She has been a PANDA Board Member since early 2016.