Part 2 Behind the Curtain with Steven Rosen, author “Tonechaser”


Introducing Steven Rosen, author of Tonechaser, a book about the late Edward Van Halen culled from interviews and experiences across their 25+ year friendship. Steven has written for Guitar Player, Guitar World and many other Rock publications. He has authored numerous books about rock legends Jeff Beck, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath, Free/Bad Company and Randy Rhoads. Here is PART 2 of our conversation.

We begin PART 2 with the Sammy Hagar era. We discuss with Eddie’s search for a new singer and his feelings about Sammy during the ‘Honeymoon’ period. What might have created the rift between Eddie & Sammy? What might be the reason for Eddie’s drive and obsession with music to the detriment of his own health and relationships? Was Eddie able to achieve happiness in his life? What was the difference between Eddie the ROCKSTAR and Eddie the MAN?

We delve into Van Halen III with Gary Cherone. How did Eddie feel about his 3rd singer and how did we deal with the crushing public rejection of the record and of Gary? We also discuss the loss of the friendship between Steven and Eddie. Who were some of the friends that Eddie had both in and out of the industry?

I ask Steven Rosen some questions about Eddie from my lifelong friends Tom Lang & John Hardin. Steven gives us some great answers to these questions:) Buy TONECHASER! And please leave a review!:)

All of this, and of course, we put Steven on the HOT SEAT by asking the 10 questions made famous by Bernard Pivot and then James Lipton on Inside The Actors Studio with a twist!:)




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