Stay Pleasant by Bryan “DJ Memphis” Boone


Strip Club DJ 101 is meant as both a tool for DJs that are new to the business as well as a way for veteran DJs to reflect on skills that they now take for granted. Keep an eye out for upcoming segments!

Number one rule of being a strip club DJ: Stay pleasant and outgoing at all times.

Be humble and egoless and approachable. You’re the pinnacle and pivot point of the most magical club to ever thrive.

You have to be a professional therapist, friend, voice of reason, a BRO, and a party MAN all at once. It’s tougher than one would imagine to be a strip club DJ, taking in long hours of loud music whilst being bombarded by drama, issues and life stories. At the same time, you’re watching everything from the eagle’s nest “DJ booth” making sure everyone is safe and having a good time on few hours of sleep AND still picking up that mic every 30 seconds to a minute and portraying a GREAT TIME and GREAT MOOD.

Always keep your energy high and positive. I KNOW it gets intense with different girls’ problems, music taste, flirting, drama etc but delegate your time and interest level carefully as to not hurt tips or the club’s girl count and productivity. Always make time to take time to ask the girls weekly what kind of new music they like and would like downloaded, and listen to that music weekly or bi-weekly to know what is high energy, bumping, or good music to toss into rotation.

Keep a good balance between communicating and complimenting customers and dancers. Compliment the unique dancer a few times a set (Damn, look at that tight tummy, pole trick, or sexy outfit etc..) to pull attention and eyes to the stage to tip. Use positive and addictive lingo on the mic. Words like family, fellas, bro, cousin, woah’s, and wow’s help to make everyone feel like family.

Try not to trip or roll on a customer for not tipping. Acknowledge and give nicknames to frequent and big tippers to make them feel cool. (names like… chief long pockets, brotha big bills, the man etc)

Remain positive while speaking, when there is something happening worth speaking of, without being annoying, overbearing, condescending, full of oneself or negative. Be the life of the party. It’s a show that we put on as strip club DJs, feeding a fantasy world, so feel free to embody another personality that you can’t use in regular social situations. Have fun!

I recommend printing out a list of descriptive adjectives. Read different ones for each girl’s work-up for a week or so to broaden your vocabulary and establish unique descriptions for each girl’s set.

It’s important to respect the girls verbally. I stay away from music that is degrading to the girls to keep negative energy out and away from the club. I usually swiftly thank every girl after her set is done-EVERY TIME-and, in different ways, compliment her stage set and advertise the unique dance that only she can provide, per said dancer’s attitude, body language, and body style.

I also usually remind the customers that if they came here for anything other than a good time they are in the wrong place. Remind them to always respect the girls. Keep it classy.

Be fun, loving, respectful, and easy going. Say ‘wow’ on the mic once a girl. Make them feel beautiful and make the customer think they are part of something, while giving them no choice but to tip.

I encourage you to make trips into the crowd and introduce yourself a few times a night. Make attempts to build relationships with the customers in a short amount of time. Ask them if everything is going good for them tonight, what kind of music do they enjoy, what kind of woman could you recommend sending his way, or let us know if there’s anything we can do to make their stay with us more pleasant.

I also keep 10 or so $1 bills in my pocket, and tell the crowd at slow times to tip, and if they aren’t it “must be cause they are broke, come get a few bucks from me to tip the girls”. People normally never take me up on the offer, but often they get up and tip anyway-this is good for slower times when there are not many customers. If they do take you up on the offer, you already have $10 in your pocket to give them 2 bucks to tip. This also helps in building a relationship with the dancer on stage.

Sometimes I say “GUYS, tip for me, cause club rules are I can’t tip BUT DAMN she is KILLING it up there looking all STUNNING and SEXY! DO it for the ones who can’t!”

If a customer requests a song, refuse the tip money he offers and ask them to instead tip the young lady on stage that has to dance to the song. This simple action or announcement over the mic builds a good rapport and understanding with the dancers and customers. BAM!

High, positive, uplifting, unifying, respectful energy! Make it one hell of a party and addictive atmosphere i.e. provided by THE Personality behind the mic, making them feel cool whilst making them part of the fun.

Try to take pride in your work. At the end of the night, recap the night and its happenings. Cheesy, I know, but it’s very reassuring and fulfilling in retrospect.

Make people have fun. Give them no choice other than to join the flow of the high energy fun fest.

 -Bryan “DJ Memphis” Boone