Tyson Leslie, Keyboardist for Vixen (Rock N Pod interview)


Introducing Multi-instrumentalist and UBER talented and only male band member of the all-female rock band VIXEN, Tyson Leslie! No this is not gender politics! Tyson is also the first of Vixen’s keyboardists to play ON STAGE with them! He also worked in Strip Clubs in Kansas City! He’s one of us! Lol

He share’s the story of how he came from Vietnam through “Operation Baby Lift”, which brought Vietnamese orphans to the United States, where he was adopted in Colorado and ultimately Kansas City. Eventually, Tyson found his way to Nashville after his friend, and drummer with the Jason Aldean Band, convinced him that Nashville was where he needed to be! After a brief stint with country star Tracy Lawrence, Tyson found his way to VIXEN. He’s also the leader of the All-Star cover band Rare Hair! Tyson has also recorded or toured with Faster Pussycat, Enuff Z’Enuff, and L.A. Guns. The man has been on an incredible journey to get where he is!

Be sure to stream or download his original track “BURNING TIME” with Todd La Torre (Queensryche) on vocals, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big/Winery Dogs) on bass, Roxy Petrucci (VIXEN) on drums and Jimmy Bell (Autograph) on lead guitar!

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