PANDA Loves Features | Lisa Lish


IMG_0690Lisa Licious has won multiple national feature entertainer championships-and it’s no surprise with her incredibly
innovative and ambitious shows. Her Star Wars show includes an actual robotic R2-D2! She is an incredible advocate for recovering from addictions and living clean, featuring on an episode of Rock and Rehab and recently celebrating 7 years clean herself.

She has built an incredibly loyal following in her years touring the country-if you want to see why, you can follow her around social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She will be competing shortly at Monroe’s Feature Tournament and also at the EDI East, and we would love to wish her the best of luck!

PANDA: How would you describe the music in your shows?

Lisa Lish: The music in my shows always goes with the theme. For ex
ample… Star Wars starts off with the Imperial March, however I use voiceovers or clips from other songs or movies also. My music is upbeat and fun! I also like to use tracks that get the club hype!

P: What is the first song you remember dancing to in a club?

L: The first song I ever danced to was Britney Spears “I’m A Slave 4 U”. I had the outfit picked out, the music… the plan to crawl across the stage… haha! Remember it like it was yesterday!



lisalishcreditsP: If you could only dance to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

L: Only one song for the rest of my life would probably be “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold. I use it in my Devil show and it really gets me going.

P: What is the worst song that a DJ ever played for you?

L: Worst song… hmmmmm. “She left a cum stain on the pillow”…… blah blah. Can’t remember all of it.

(It sounds like “Cum Stains on the Pillow” by David Allan Coe)

P: What is the coolest thing that a DJ ever did for you?

L: The coolest thing a DJ did was pull out his recovery NA key chain and say he was clean too, for like 17 years I believe it was.

P: Pick a great “throw back” strip club track for us!

L: Great throw back would be Sisqo’s “Thong Song”.







From the stage to the booth, Kira has been in the industry for a total of 7 years, with the final 3 of those spent DJing at Double Visions in Pennsylvania. Since beginning her DJ career she has been named DJ of the Year by the local industry magazine, Unveiled, nominated for DJ of the Year by the ED Awards, and also branched out to take control of social media for her club. She has been a PANDA Board Member since early 2016.